Was ist dein Sternzeichen?
My star sign is Aquarius. A water sign. Which is funny, because I can’t swim.

Was hast du in deinem letzten Traum erlebt?
I was back home in Scotland, after 18 years, and everything was strange. This is a common dream.

Was ist dein Lieblingsessen?
Anything spicy. VERY spicy. Particularly Indian and Thai food.

Beschreibe dich in 3 Worten
A bit odd.

Womit können dich deine Kollegen auf die Palme bringen?
When I insist that things have to be done perfectly, and in an organised way. For no real reason!

Wann gehst du ins Bett?
Much later than I should. Usually after midnight.

Wie verbringst du Weihnachten?
I work in television news, so Christmas is usually a normal working day. So, at work!

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