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Meet Marko, a passionate DJ hailing from the picturesque landscapes of Croatia. His love affair with music began in childhood, and the journey into the world of beats and rhythms started in elementary school, where he discovered his innate talent for spinning tunes.
Marko’s early days as a DJ were a mix of self-learning and collaboration with seasoned colleagues, spending countless hours behind the mixer honing his craft. As his skills evolved, he became a main figure in various clubs across his local area, creating memorable experiences for music enthusiasts.
The highlight of Marko’s career includes performance at the prestigious electro-festival Forestland in his region, a testament to his growing influence in the local music scene. Forestland became a familiar stage for him, with two electrifying performances that solidified his reputation as a dynamic and crowd-pleasing DJ.
Beyond the festival stage, Marko has left his mark on both private and public parties, weaving musical tapestries that resonate with diverse audiences. In 2017, his mixes reached a broader audience when he showcased his talent on Croatian radio „Enter Zagreb,“ marking a significant milestone in his career.
Marko’s journey took an international turn as he now resides in Germany, where he continues to carve his path in the dynamic world of music. In 2020, he expanded his reach by promoting his mixes on radio Inpulz Germany, showcasing his prowess in the House modern realms of Bigroom House,Bigroom Techno, Future Rave genres that dominate the mainstage music scene.
Adding to his achievements, Marko boasts releases on respected labels such as Afterpresent Records UK, MF Records Belgium,Ionic Records DE, and ShiftAxis Records USA, solidifying his status as a noteworthy artist in the global music landscape. His unique blend of creativity and technical skill makes him a standout DJ, and his journey is a testament to the universal language of music that transcends borders.
As Marko continues to evolve and innovate, his story in the world of music is far from over. Stay tuned for the next chapter as he takes his audience on a sonic journey through the beats and melodies that define his distinctive & booking mail:

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